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1915 is the first mechanical wristwatch collection that was ever designed and made in Turkey. Movement apart, each and every part of the watch, from screw to crown, has been designed and engineered by Tarık Hatiboğlu. The 30 cm. wide porthole-shaped wooden box housing the wrist watch is also designed by Tarık, and turns into a wall clock after the insertion of an additional part that comes with the box.

Tarık’s further execution of an asymmetrical design on the case, a complex move in terms of production technology, imparts the watch a contemporary look. In engineering the state-of-the-art case, Tarık took the harder path of layered construction. The case was tirelessly engineered layer by layer, and through clever design manoeuvres, triumphantly emerged water resistant up to 30 meters.
1915 watch collection is strictly limited to only 1915 numbered pieces globally. It is available in three versions; including a limited edition of 19 pieces in 18K white gold, 982 pieces in bronze, and 914 pieces in stainless steel.
At the heart of the bronze from which the bronze versions’ layers were cast, Tarık threw a piece of the bronze porthole from the Gallipoli Sea. Rarely used in conventional watchmaking, bronze is a challenging material to work with. However, the outcome is well worth the laborious pursuit. The metal feels almost alive and will grow a unique patina over time.

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