About Us

ALE Technology has been founded by experts who have an experience of decades in the electrical and electronic sectors for the purpose of the production, distribution and application of LED based lighting systems.

The company started its activities with the mission of "replacing all traditional sources of light with LED based lighting systems that provides maximum efficiency and an energy saving of up to 80 %. The main purpose of the company was to find a solution for the energy problem of Turkey which imports 70 % of its energy need and uses the largest part of that energy for lighting purposes. In its production facilities in Turkey the company realizes the production of lighting fixtures, which are designed in Turkey and abroad, at the highest quality standarts. Lightmaster® is the registered trademark of ALE Technology.

The purpose of Lightmaster® lighting solutions is to offer the best solution to its customers, ensure the return on investment made by the customers within latest 2 years and further ensure saving on lighting costs by up to 80 % and thereby reduce the volume of carbon emissions.

Lightmaster® lighting solutions, stands behind the quality and performance that it offers as shown by the warrany period of 3-5 years that it gives for the LED based efficient lighting products that it had introduced to the turkish market.