About Us

ELBA, which provides services particularly for state institutions and organizations in the sector of informatics in the administration of the General Director, M. Ali Ozenci since March 1988, performs studies also for the private sector considering the requirements of the era nowadays. We can include numerous fields of expertise within the work area of ELBA such as turn key software solutions projects, consultancy, system analysis, design and software services, B2B, B2C software solutions, establishing Internet Marketplace with Java technology.

With its cumulative experience in the sector, ELBA also develops its own software solutions. ELBa carries on studies related to e.DMS (Electronic Distribution Management System) approved by TTGV and funded by the World Bank and obtained certificate of incorporation for the brand e.DMS. e.DMS is a software package which is designed to meet every type of requirements of firms that are expected to be privatized and perform electricity distribution.

ELBA also markets the products of other firms with which it has partnerships apart from the software developed by itself.ELBA also markets the software of above mentioned Sterling Commerce, Cincom and Excellenet firms and use them in its projects.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence