About Us

İkinci Parti Production (Second Party Prod.) is a production company that established on the basic requirements of new media. These requierements are;
The need for third parties from different disciplines
The need for solutions to creative and authentic projects
The proliferation of Internet accessibility was also enlarges brand paths that are using to reach the masses.
Now we easily talk about the alternative like viral videos as well as TVC’s, promotional application videos, case study films, flash mob activities, interactive videos, testmonial videos, video mapping works, instagram, vine videos, infographic animation, drone footage, and 3D projector mapping and many more production.
The comptence of the achievement into this variable works is very related to create a talent pool of third parties from different disciplines and styles.
As Second Party Productions, we take our strength from our third parties that come from different talents and disciplines.
According to the needs of the projects we include the right persons and manage all phases of the projects.
These third-party can be a creative director, talented videographer, motion graphics or compositing artists, 3D animators, puppet designer, illustrator, cinematographer, photographer, sculptor, musician or a team live streaming activities.
We are offering creative solutions for project that we use up all the distintive dynamics of the independent sector with a manner of high efectiveness manner. From light installments to sound mixing and from the plateau to the post-production studios…
This solution can also be a cost forecast or a project that never tested a before and also a planning of the tight schedule.
We are creating alternative production plans according to the needs as İkinci Parti Productions.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence